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Hello, I am Paul Longe.  Welcome to my psychology practice

I am a Counselling Psychologist in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and provide therapy and counselling for teenagers, adults, couples and families. 

If you find yourself, a loved one or friend facing personal or relationship challenges then you're in the right place. Choosing to see a psychologist is often a difficult decision for people because they are unsure where to start or what to expect. Trusting someone with your personal story can be a scary thought but for many people it is the beginning of a journey towards healing. For married couples, seeking marriage counselling can also be a difficult step to take and it is often one partner who initiates the process as they have reached a point where they don't feel they can go on.


Each individual, couple or family I work with receives a unique and personal therapeutic experience based on my family focused, integrative approach and belief in "healing through meeting". Through my experience over the years I have found this approach to be effective in working together with teenagers, adults, couples and families to find creative ways to explore and grow through a wide range of challenging personal experiences. These include coping with stress, depression, anxiety and trauma related to personal and relational challenges as well as struggles in the school and work environments.


How can professional therapy and counselling help?

For individual adults and teenagers, therapy with a psychologist can play an important part in the process of exploring and resolving deep personal struggles which almost always have some root in family legacies and childhood experiences. The ways in which we have learned to protect ourselves in early relationships can often be the same things that cause us pain today. Through therapy we learn to identify the destructive patterns of emotions and behaviours which we find ourselves caught up in and can learn the skills to change the patterns which are causing pain to ourselves and others.

For marriages and couples, couple counselling and marriage counselling provide a space where partners can explore their own personal story with the therapist and where the couple can come together and discover the painful cycle which they often find themselves locked into. This can be the first step towards healing and restoration as couples learn how to restore trust, vulnerability, openness and intimacy to their relationships.

Psychotherapy and professional counselling provide a safe and confidential space to explore powerful experiences and overwhelming feelings to identify and creatively utilise these as opportunities to work towards restoration and hope. Therapy is not only for those experiencing severe challenges but also for those seeking to understand themselves better in order to achieve greater satisfaction in their personal, social or work lives.

For high school learners and those seeking direction after studies, you may be interested in career guidance and exploration including career assessment. Career guidance and counselling provides individuals with specific career related insight to help with decision making as well as an opportunity for personal growth and development.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you."

Maya Angelou

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