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For many people choosing what to do after completing high school can be a daunting task. Learn to understand the factors which influence your career decisions and experience and begin to take some steps towards your new career goals.


Usually, career choice becomes an important question for people in grade 11 and 12 as they begin to think (and stress) about what to do after school. There are so many options available to school leavers today and without the right information this decision can leave people feeling stressed and unsure which way to turn. Choosing whether to study, travel, work or take a gap year is not always a straightforward decision. There are many influences to consider and it can really pay to spend some time exploring these before making a decision.

Career guidance can also be useful for those who are feeling confused about their career after starting a course of study or a job and may find themselves feeling confused and wondering whether they've made the right choice.

The holistic career guidance and assessment process ensures that you enjoy the benefits of increased self-awareness provided by psychometric assessment as well as the added benefit of interactive career exploration and counselling. From start to finish this process is designed to stimulate creative thought around the idea of career choice and to leave individuals (and their parents) feeling more confident about the choices that have to be made.

The career guidance and exploration process usually begins with an introductory session during which we begin to explore the current career decision point and complete initial psychometric assessments which focus on accessing information on personal interests and personality characteristics. This is followed by further career exploration sessions in order to better understand the information gathered from assessment and exploration sessions as well as various other factors which influence your career decision. At this point, we usually have a feedback session with parents in order to explore the results of the assessment and counselling within the family context.

"Doing what you love is freedom, loving what you do is happiness."


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